In silico Transcriptome (iTranscriptome)

Geo-seq: 3D Transcriptome of the mouse embryo at gastrulation

Calculating activity socre for a gene list

Input an interested gene list (One gene symbol per line) (~1 minute): (Example Clear)

Activity scores for this gene list shown in corn plot:
* Based on normalized activity scores across all stages (E2.5-E7.5), scaled to [0,1].

Normalized activity scores across all stages (E2.5-E7.5):

Original activity scores in this stage:

Key features

- High resolution - More sensitive
- 2D & 3D visualization - Searchable web service

E75 embryo database

Pattern search by gene
Query and display the expression pattern of a query gene in either a corn plot or a 3D embryo model
Gene search by gene
Search for genes that share similar expression patterns of a query gene.
Gene search by pattern
Search for genes using a query pattern (Choose one of 5 predefined patterns or input interested pattern).
Gene activity score
Calculate the enrichment score for a query gene list based on ranked gene expression of each sample.